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kathiandtakethat asked:

number 20.


Oh, that’s an hard one…

when I became a fan, in my early teen ager years (I was about 11-12 y.o), it was just ‘feeling part of something’, as for any other teen ager… we talked about our fave members, we had posters in our rooms and fantasized about getting laid with the lads and being their girlfriends.

then when I was an older teen (like 16-18 y.o.), i was more into more ‘serious’ music… I listened to the old classics like Beatles and Queen and to the ‘real’ songwriters speaking about serious themes and writing high-level lyrics… Bob Dylan, De Andrè, etc. … but I never stopped listening (also) to Gary’s music (as long as it lasted) and to Rob’s music (I must be honest, I didn’t follow Mark’s solo career). I guess I was kinda ‘in the closet’ because it was a passion I didn’t talk about. You might think being in the TT fandom was my first window to homosexuality (because they started in gay clubs and talked about gay fans and most of them were rumoured to be gay), but actually it wasn’t.. being in the fandom didn’t change my perspective on this matter… I was too young to get these things before they disbanded (years ago things were quite different from now.. we didn’t have a clue about these things and I didn’t even know they started in gay clubs) and when Rob went solo and i was old enough, i had already grown up as an hard core Oscar Wilde fan.

As an adult, being in the TT fandom helped me in many ways, I’ve learnt lessons … I’ve met people from other countries I call friends now and I’m really greateful for that, I’ve met them in person, I’ve been on holiday with them and I really care about them and they care about me … they’re tolerant people, open minded and lovely. if this isn’t special, I don’t know what ‘special’ means.

Of course I’ve also met aggressive or volubile or harsh people who let me down with their behavior after I offered them sincere friendship. The hardest lesson to me is the fact it’s almost impossible to find people who are able to be objective about their fave singers. They always use different meters to judge the behavior of their faves and the same behevior coming from other people. If they’re fave says or does something horrible, it’s forgotten and forgiven in 2 days. If it’s another one, let’s think the worst opition and let’s remember it forever. If people post 2484827 pics of your fave, it’s ok. Otherwhise, it’s spam. And so on and on. Actually I’ve learnt that some people can be childish at any age, more than I had ever thought before joining social networks…and unreliable (I’ve seen adult people say, as a statement: “this X member will be a guest at this other member’s gig” dozens of times, when it wasn’t true and you don’t expect adult people to share “news” without checking the source or directly making them up). I’ve learnt on twitter that there is still people on earth who think if you add “fuc*” to a sentence, then it’s more effective and cool, when in front of their parents they wouldn’t even say “oh dear”.

I’ve been reminded once again that prejudice is a disgrace.. most of people think TT= silly pop = silly fans, but actually loving Take That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hormonal superficial and stupid…you can love Take That and be cultured, witty and interested in many things, like art literature and politics and still loving to have fun with TT.

On the other side, I’ve been reminded of the obvious thing that fandoms aren’t “big families”, that’s just a myth … I love some Take That fans but I wouldn’t have a coffee with others… I share many interests with some of them, I share nothing with others… some Take That fans watch only ‘Big Brother’ and crap TV and/or behave like hormonal 15 yrs old people when they’re >20 (or >30, >40, >50) and/or get annoyed if one of the lads succeds, as if he were “stealing” something from the others (= from their fave) and/or believe The Sun and/or are conservative and/or are homophobic and/or have no musical culture at all and still think they have, which leads to the fact they call people who can barely sing in tune the best voice they’ve ever heard (and I feel like… ‘ok, you’ve listened to Freddy Mercury, Frank Sinatra and co. but you still think this boyband member who can barely sing is a top singer…what does it tell about you, beyond the fact you act as if you were 13’?) and we have nothing in common.

totally agree.

A just-for-fun Take That meme! Put any number in my ask, and I'll answer.

  • 1. What was the first Take That song you remember hearing, and what were your first impressions?

  • 2. If you could change any one performance, which one would you change and why?

  • 3. How do you describe Take That to friends who haven't heard of them before?

  • 4. Put together what is, to you, the perfect 10 song TT playlist. What songs are there, and in what order?

  • 5. If Take That were performing a show where you could choose the setlist, what would it be?

  • 6. What non-Take That song(s) do you most associate with your favorite member(s) of the band?

  • 7. Do you associate any Take That songs with specific moments in your life?

  • 8. If you could have one TT song played during a major life event (wedding, first dance, funeral, etc.) what would it be and for what event?

  • 9. What non-single 90s song would you love to hear on the next tour (e.g., “Give Good Feeling”)?

  • 10. Your favourite member has invited you out for a (non-sexual) day of your choice anywhere in the world. Where are you, what are you doing, and why?

  • 11. If you could choose one non-TT song for them to cover, what would it be?

  • 12. If you could choose a non-TT member to perform with them, who would it be?

  • 13. If you ran into any TT member on the street, what would you do?

  • 14. If you could go back in time and attend one TT live performance, which one would it be?

  • 15. Do you remember the day that Take That broke up? If so, what are your memories of that day?

  • 16. What is your favourite Take That friendship?

  • 17. What is your Take That OTP and why?

  • 18. Which Take That member do you relate to the most, and why?

  • 19. What is your favourite piece of TT trivia that you like to share with friends?

  • 20. How has being part of the Take That fandom changed your life?

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